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"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire."
-William Butler Yeats



Ignite is a learning center that puts the person of Jesus Christ at the center of everything it does. Ignite Learning Center works alongside homeschooling families to help each child discover their unique purpose and worth, and to see beyond the constraints of grades. Studies have shown that a focus on grades can lead to disinterest in learning - Instead of grading, Ignite individualizes teaching to a child's specific needs.


With our cross-curricular teaching, we will give your homeschooler the opportunity to experience hands-on learning, develop critical thinking, and experience team-building activities in many subjects.  Did we mention we have lots of fun?



After more than a decade of serving children in multiple educational settings, Desiree McCann saw a great need to support homeschool families. Through much prayer, research, and God's guidance and blessings, Ignite Learning Center was created to ignite a love for learning through Christ-centered teaching. Ignite walks with homeschool families with support, encouragement and community. Ignite Learning welcomed its first class of learners in Fall 2022. 

The Vision

Our three initiatives


To instill a Christ-centered mindset.

(Each of us has a purpose)

To building enriching community.

(Family matters in education)


To develop lifelong habits.

(Create lasting change)

What We Want

To spark a passion in parents/caregivers to homeschool.


To encourage them to continue to invest in their children, through community.


To provide encouragement and resources for all homeschool families, no matter their experience level.


To see the power of the Holy Spirit ignite the love of learning in the student through a group learning model.


Learners attend Ignite Learning Center on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM. Classes are grouped by age and have a limit of 12 students per class. Ignite strives to create a love for learning through cross-curricular teaching and hands-on learning. 


Available classes are Pre-K & Kindergarten (ages 4-6), 1st and 2nd grades (ages 6-8), 3rd and 4th grades (ages 8-10), 5th and 6th Grade (ages 10-12), and 7th and 8th Grade (ages 12-14).

Age ranges are approximate. We strive to work with parents to find the class that is the best fit for their students.

Pre-K and Kindergarten

K-8th Grade, Opt-Out

K-8th Grade, Opt-In


K-4 to 8th Grade
Opt Out

$2,900, tuition for the school year

$100, enrollment processing fee (goes towards tuition) +$25 per additional child

$150, discount for each additional sibling

K to 8th Grade
Opt in

$3,200, tuition for the school year

$100, enrollment processing fee (goes towards tuition) +$25 per additional child

$150, discount for each additional sibling



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